Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gittin' 'Er Dun

I am a bad chicken mom.  I have been telling my girls
that they needed to get to laying or they were
going to be stew.  They were laying...just
behind the brooder box! This weekend,
 I think we need to get the nest boxes built.

The under kitchen worm bin. It started having a bad odor
I noticed there were less worms working it,
so I took it to the back porch and dumped it.
Charlotte and  dug through and picked out all our
wiggly friends.  There were still some worms, and some babies
 and even one cocoon.  But they  were definitely
down in numbers.  Re-bedded and put back to work.

After picking out the majority of the wrigglers,
you are supposed to pile the bedding in little piles
so that the remaining worms go to the bottom.
 My little helper and I did such a good picking job,
 though we only got a handful the next day.

Over the winter I requested seed donations from a few
companies for the school's greenhouse and
community garden project.  Baker Creek Seeds and Territorial
 both were VERY generous and donated many hundreds
 of dollars worth.  This is the Junior and Senior class
and a small sample of the plants that they started from those seeds.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We finally got a sunny-ish weekend-day to enjoy the green of our yard and get a few things done around here.
The rose (that is happy in it's new house pot)
was on the table at Madi and Tim's wedding.
The mints are from my last shopping
 trip with Kay Lynne.
The burl is from an Eagle Creek camping trip.
The heart is from me to Darrin.

Emily's contribution to the front flower bed.
It's to be a cottage garden.
Maybe.  Someday.

The wee garden and it's guardian.


A word to the wise.
 If you are going to order chicks for
yourself and others, be prepared for the
possibility that they may desire BWLs.

Wilson, with a little help from Dad,
finished the window frame on the barn
while I worked away on the greenhouse.

Onions &

Peas &

Side dish anyone?

Not a lover of the Iris,
but isn't this one loverly?

I've wanted to have a south facing laundry
room for years for only one use
 the heat from the dryer vent.
Here is the beginning of the Wee Greenhouse,
over the vent hole.

And while we were yard-ing,
 Friday was holding down the fort.