Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nearly Artsy

Maybe we'll have to have the next Barns 'n' Bridges tour on the dry side!  Look how well these old barn details are preserved. This is our friend's old barn a few miles out of town.

Friday, December 9, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

      I am still not sure why I have so much trouble consistently blogging. I could come up with many excuses good reasons, but what it comes right down to it, it's because I just can't come up with the right words most of the time.  Good words come when computers are unavailable. Like in the shower or the car. Or standing by the river looking at a view that is so heart-achingly beautiful that it seems it just can't be real. Also, picture taking is not my forte and many of the girls that follow this silly blog are wonderful photographers so it's a little bit of embarrassment.  However, I am going to jump in and post pictures and silly words and at the very least share some of my fav's in this new place.
Poochies (what's blog without a picture of Marian?)
Compost Piles (the first ever layered-on-purpose. Though it isn't pretty or contained, it is planned.  Yes, that is a kiddie pool on top.  I use it to haul leaves and such to the pile because of the lack of wheelbarrow.)
Redneck Garden Markers (because after all, if you are going to leave soda cans and used diapers for the new renters, why not a couple sets of tires?)
Shadows of Me (when I am wearing many clothes on 14 degree mornings, looking at sunny windows full of baby rosemary)
Old West Chicken Houses (that has been used for many things, but most recently a place for misc. garbage which after many hours and bonfires and trips to the dump is now cleared. The good thing is that it is a needful reminder to me to take my things with me when I vacate.)   
Baby Rosemary on Sunny Windowsills (because I just couldn't stand not having one to pet and love and snip)
Outdoor Fireplaces (for sitting and contemplation. In the corner, under the pile of leaves, is a grape vine I am told is delish and shared with all the patrons of the post office next door)
Mama's very own spots (with flocks and herds and pictures of loved ones)

Wood stoves (with crackling fire)