Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laundry and Fur and Other Nonsense

Most people who have spent any amount of time in my presence have heard me lament the amount of laundry I am supposed to do. It really is, and has long been, the bane of my existence. I have even wished that the human race had been Created with fur. Then we could be long or short furred and all different colors. And calico. Oooo tabby! Or a nice blue merle. But no, we have to cover ourselves and then wash the coverings. That was yesterday's project. I did four loads and could probably do another four, not counting Madi's (of which half will be clean but inside out because she tried them on then changed her mind and pitched them on the floor.) Someday, there will be enough space for all the clean laundry to be put away into cupboards and drawers, and only then, will I be caught up. Ugh.

As most of you know I am on the "Drop 30 Pounds" diet. I have gained (almost) control of my eating but the whole exercise thing is getting me! I actually really hate (yes, hate being wish it was dead) doing exercise for it's own sake. I enjoy hiking and waterfall hunting and working in the garden for hours on end, but to spend time doing actual planned out, work each muscle group, is your heart rate up? exercise seems completely ridiculous. Am I the only one?

I do want to share the "Drop 30 Pounds" breakfast of choice. My son calls it Hippy Oatmeal because he is a proper little red-neck.
-1 1/2 cup water
-1/2 finely chopped apple
boiled together a minute or two
then add
-1 T wheat germ
-1 T flax seed
-2/3 c old fashioned oats
cook on medium low 5 minutes
turn off heat and add
-1 T raw honey
-1/2 t cinnamon.
Makes two days worth, and the second day's is better.

Last night I made salsbury steak for the non dieters and black eyed peas for myself and the vegetarian (who ate a mini burger on Sunday, but that's another story) then we all had boiled potatoes and Swiss chard out of the garden. Black eyed pea juice is honestly as good as gravy on spuds! And that reminds me.....

Is anyone else having trouble with their greens bolting already? I had to cut out the majority of the chard and spinach because it was headin' up. Its in an unheated greenhouse on the end with no door, so it shouldn't have been having heat trouble. Any garden girl ideas on that? On the outdoor garden front, the potatoes are coming up! They are my favorite thing to grow so I am very excited to see their little green heads popping. Still didn't get the three sisters planted seein' as how our lovely, sunny weekend turned into one sunny day and just enough time to get the main part of the jungle mowed. Do the rest of you already have everything happily situated in the dirt?

Next time I will post some pictures of the prom and such, but now I's better get ready for school....which, I might add, is over in four days! Woot.