Monday, October 29, 2012

Indian Summer, and Then....

For the first time in many years we were graced with a long, 
warm Indian Summer.  It made yard work and outside duties where
 we wanted to be, so on this 29th day of October, I am still trying to 
catch up on the housework.  We also went on our semi-annual
 trip into the Eagle Cap Wilderness, where the feeling is so
 bittersweet for me. All of my growing up years it was
 more anticipated than Christmas, and many of my grown up years
 it has been a struggle to work up the desire to go.  It's strange how
 throwing some in-law drama into a family sucks the
 fun out of most situations. 
 Now onto the good stuff.

The annual Dream House picture.  
Playing in the creek.

Handsome guy.

Practicing for the circus.

Just plain cool.

Lookin' hot at the cross country meet.

RUN, Wilson!

And after all the loverly weather....snow in October.

To end what is usually my favorite month, I sprained my ankle....again. 
 In the throws of cabin fever and bleacher bum-itis, I worked 
on my farm logo.  I wanted something cute to put on  jars
 and eggs and other plain 'ol country things.  
This hen is the one Wilson put on the chicken yard gate he built me, 
so I wanted to get her in there.  Peas are the one crop
 I can always grow. And I am proud of the fact that in
 this world of marriages that last an average of seven years,
 Darrin and I still enjoy each others company more often than not.