Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Wee-Remodel

This weekend's project, the Big Project that is, has been to move the sewing and craft area upstairs into what was Char's room.  It hasn't been her room for quite some time, but it seems that much messiness has happened in there.  

The plan has been to have the guest and sewing room downstairs after Wilson moves to Boise in the spring.  The plan was thwarted, however when Em and Char decided they wanted to share that room...the one with the carpet and big windows.

Char and I have been busy girls this morning!
These windows overlook the chicken yard and the river in the
 distance.  When I get to town for an extension cord,
 the desk will go over there to enjoy the view while working.

A place for Tim and Madi and Ashe when they get to come.
The cat will have to be uninstalled

Craft desk on the right and sewing on the left.  You can see
behind my chair how well organized I have been.
Those boxes, tubs and bins hold my some of
my fabric stash and mending pile.