Friday, April 29, 2011

Chick-u-bator Update

Though most of you who "follow" this blog already know this because I've been crowing all week....THE CHICKS HATCHED! Even now, looking at their little sweet fuzzy heads and funny little toes, I can't believe that the beer cooler incubator actually, factually HATCHED CHICKS!  If you have the inclination and $8 and a friend with eggs (which you all do) and 21 days that you will be home to turn eggs(or a friend who does, which you do) you can be a chickie mama!

Official statistics...eight live babies out of 13 eggs (thank you, thank you Miss Katie) and yes Mr. Smartypants, I am counting the one that wasn't fertile. :P
View the new additions here:
for now, and later I will put them on the blog for real.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts and Wonderings

~Are the things you think about and worry about in the night the real things or is it the daytime knowings?  I had some epiphanies last night that seem less true this morning, but they seemed honest last night. Hmmm.

~We saw the peeps last night!  Almost all of the eggs had wigglers in them and only one was obviously a bad egg.  Yay.

~Its supposed to rain again tomorrow for the market. I am very weary of the rain, but I am very NOT weary of whole days with my mom who is one of the most fabulous people on the planet. (Run-on sentence, anyone?)

~I am exceedingly excited to spend time touring the countryside with my farm chickie friends on May Day.  Does anyone know of any great barns or bridges?  These girls are wonderful photographers and so.....I will be the driver.  I am  an excellent driver, excellent.

~While at Miss Katie's farm the other day, I realized that she is the only friend I've ever had that was also a Laura fanatic growing up.  Why did it take so long to find her?

~Did I mention I am tired of the rain?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chickie Mama

I am beginning to believe I am not cut out to be a mother. (Some who have witnessed the interaction between myself and my children might agree.)

This venture into a new phase of motherhood is driving me batty! (Though it seems logical I am speaking of becoming a Mother-In-Law, I am not.)

I am having trouble sleeping and have been crawling out of bed at odd hours to check temperatures. (No, no one is ill at our house, but that would be another logical assumption.)

Its this dad-burn INCUBATOR! Dear Mom gave me 40 one dollar bills for my birthday and I used them on shoes and gum and the makings of a styrofoam incubator to try hatching my own fuzzies. I had fully intended to buy the Silkie babies from a reputable hatchery in our area but when the e-mail containing the PRICE of said three ounce bundles of joy arrived, I balked and thought this would be worth a shot. It may not have been. Being one who leans toward worry anyway, this may have been a bad choice. Being one who is a bit obsessed with all manners of the birth process it seems that this would be right up my alley but it may be my undoing. We shall see in about 18 days.