Monday, August 22, 2011

End of Summer Ramblings

Oh yes, friends, it is the end of summer.  If you can believe that.  It may be the shortest on record (so if it's the shortest on record, does that also mean the shortest in history?  Because if history is what is recorded....this is why I shouldn't drink Coke at the church picnic at 8 o'clock at night.)

So when summer started, (sometime around the 20th of July. Pfft.) I had all kinds of stuff to do and get ready for and absolutely no energy to do ANY of it.  I am blaming the weather for my general malaise, but it was probably a combo of just plain too much to do and the an inability to organize my time and lack of recognition that emotional strength must be conserved just as physical is.

Well, now the big stuff is done and I feel all miraculously better (weird isn't it?) and it's favorite time of year.  In my brain, (which works WAAAY different than most people's with letters and numbers having gender and personality and the months of the year being a big kidney bean shaped affair) late summer and fall hold a huge portion of my mental calendar.  When it's your own calender you can emphasize any portion you want, right?  Except I came this way. 

The real reason I am blogging, though, in my caffeine and sugar induced insomnia, is to post some pictures of Madi's wedding (and instead I am treating you to the Grand Tour of my true strangeness) so here you go...with commentary.

When Madi and I were wandering the woods looking for misc. forest "stuff" for her bouquet, we saw that the lighting was so pretty up here in the afternoon, we thought it would be perfect for the "just the two of them" shots.

These two just crack me up and Madi probably won't use them anywhere so I get to here.

One of the few serious faces and I like the
light and it was kind of the eye of the storm of activity that crazy day. 

My favorite.  I love everyone in one place, lookin' so good. I think it will be the Christmas card.  :)

There are about 50 that I would like to put up of the pre-wedding bridal party shots but I'll limit to one. 

 KayLynne and Joy did such an unbelievable job on the photos.  Because I love them so much and because they know the kids and love them, too, it wasn't weird or uncomfortable having them snapping away all day. I can't even begin to say thank you for all that they did.

So.  I am now a Mother-In-Law.  Everyone keeps asking how it is.  It's good. Very.  I believe in marrying young. I believe it can keep us from  many regrets...especially when God is in the middle, as he is for these two.  I hope that they get to wait a while to have kids, just so they can enjoy this time in their lives that is the only "just the two of us" time they will have.  But whenever Ben and Lucy come, I will be ready to be the gum carrying, stream wading, mud pie making Yaya.