Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lists for The Moving

A List-
 having my own house again
 having a yard that is mostly a clean slate
 being 15 steps from Darrin's work
 quiet, quiet, quiet po-dunk town

S List-
 leaving Mom
 leaving Madi and Tim
 leaving the rest of the fam
 leaving the notJoy and notLolly and KayLynne and Gina and the OverWoods girls
 leaving the awesome music program at ND

Trying Lists-

 trying to make lists of the things that I need to take to live in a place that is 49 miles from the nearest grocery store that sells produce

 trying to be sure I get everything ready here to make mom's transition to caregiver as easy as possible

 trying to not hurt anyone's feelings with my excitement