Sunday, December 7, 2014

Can She Do It?

Question of the day....
Can Cara finish the 30 day blog challenge 
even though the rest of the prompts only 
illicit an "Eh" response in my head?

I'll try.

Today, what is on my iPod?  I'm going
to cheat and tell you the kind of music I like,
because I actually have NO music on my iDevice at all.

-John Denver
-Willy, Waylon and the boys
-Chris Rice
-Nashville Bluegrass
-Bruce Hornsby
-80's high school dance
-some new stuff

What I don't like.

-Rap.  Especially the new Country/Rap
crossover thing.  No sir.

-Top 40's stuff that is pretty much about
hookin' up for sex without even being clever lyrically.
(And if my daughters should happen to read
this...yes, I can like Ed Sheeran without
being impressed by his drunk/stoned/
one-nighter songs.)