Thursday, March 8, 2012


Last fall, while visiting my sweet, generous MIL, we went up the mountain to Virginia City and I bought a photo charm bracelet.  And it has been in my desk drawer ever since.  This week I had a couple of days off work and needed a creative outlet. I was also feeling a little nostalgic, so I used the program that came with it and added these pictures. Except in black and white. But I can't figure out how to save them that way, so use your imagination :)

21 1/2 years ago we got married young.
Even though  so many people said DON'T
we just did and have been
blessed beyond measure.

Almost 19 years ago we had The Mouse.  

Then 17 1/2 years, came Buddy Boy.

Next at 14 1/2 came EmmyLou.

And at the end of a long diaper run,
12 1/2 Chuck.

Now we get to start counting the other way,
and adding to our quiver,
starting with SonIL, Othy.

How could we ever say THANK YOU enough??