Sunday, January 30, 2011

LOOK! I figured it out! This was me many moons ago with one of the triplets and the old dog. I miss the must be spring.

Sorry, no new Deep Thoughts today. Just old memories.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have added some new to my to-do list....even though I haven't finished my last one. :P I want to pretty up my blog and write more often. I'm always excited to read what new things are on others pages, so I need to follow the golden rule and write unto others so that they will write, too!

Who's with me?

(Oh and I also still need to remember myself how to post pictures so I can mark off on of the last to-dos to-dos.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cleanin' the Rainboots and Goin' to Town

I actually scrubbed my green garden boots for my trip to the 'Grove with miss Katie today. As I was brushing them down, I thought, "Is this normal?" Then I thought, "When Farmchics go to town, we really do it up right!"

I got all the still growing things in the greenhouse tidied up this morn, but didn't do A SINGLE THING on my little house. I need a maid, or a wife so I can do the garden-weeding-chicken-watching-bunny-poop-scooping things that need done outside. Maybe thats why they had more than one woman in the house in Bible times?

I have decided that, as much as I love my Maid Marian, I DO NOT want another Corgi, unless the maid/wife is up for vacuuming every day. I will gladly clean the barn and do all the cooking, but I am tired of the even film of cream colored hair that covers everything in my domain.

I am planning a Farmchic Day of Prayer for Puxatani Phil. The little booger better not see his shadow....I am ready for spring. I'd better do some research first, because maybe there is something sacrilegious about praying for a rodent? Even a weather-forecasting one.