Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Artsy Pics and Thankfulness for the Weather

 Madi needed to get some wiggles out yesterday 
so she took a good bunch of pictures of all kinds
of interesting things around the place.
Like my dog.  From dog level. Up the dirty porch ramp. Nice pooch...not so good porch.
 This one was my request. Poor girl got my sausage fingers and my simple, silver taste in jewelry.
Here are the chosen ones.  The Babies that lived through the weasel and will be installed as my greenhouse companions. His name is Rupert and I believe I'll call her Rapunzel, after one of my favorite fairy tales. Though she probably won't have long flowing hair.

Oh, and IT'S SUMMER!
Just in case you've missed it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring? Hello? Are You There?

I have almost entirely, completely, totally made the decision to garden in the greenhouse alone this spring of cussedness.  The picture on the left is the greenhouse, with things that I planted growing.  The one on the right is a wooden box that has been repurposed (again) into a greens bed.  The picture on the bottom is the "garden."  Just hideous isn't it?  The greens are growing, coddled and sheltered and loved at the door to the greenhouse.  The tomatoes are happy and glad to be in the nice toasty bag of potting soil.  The peas are spitting out babies like no body's business. And the "garden" is a sickening tangle of half cocked plans of mulching and carpet killing and "this year it will be better" plans...all gone awry.  Perhaps after a week or two of HUGE does of capsulated vitamin D3, I might tackle it.  Or I may just weedwhack it throughout this year and see what 2012 brings.

Here are the survivors.  All four of them.  Poor babies had to watch their siblings get weaseled and in retaliation, three of them are roosters.  Anyone want a sweet Silkie boy?