Friday, March 25, 2011

Ponderings and Musings

I believe that the occasion of turning 40 (not "the big 4-0", plain 'ol 40) usually warrants some sort of interspection or contemplation or at the very least acknowledgement. Here are my exceedingly dull thoughts on the matter.

First of all, as there is no stopping or changing or even slowing the coming of said milestone, is it truly a milestone? I am fairly certain at on Thursday, I will wake up feeling almost exactly the same as when I go to bed on Wednesday night, and I wonder, if it truly meant anything wouldn't it change something? It doesn't change the fact that I am already past middle age, if middle age is defined as the MIDDLE of your life, which would be at 39 with our current life expectancy in America at 78. It doesn't change the fact that our eldest is planning to marry this summer (and no, I didn't give birth to her as a teen, but thats another post that would probably be considered by some a rant) or that we have no children of our own in our elementary age Bible study group. Must you have control over something for it to be a milestone?

Here's another thought. A few months ago I contemplated "doing something" before I turned 40; like losing 20 pounds or getting into better shape or taking a basket weaving class. But I didn't. I just kept doing all the things that a 39-year-old wife, homeschool mom, Bible story teacher, wanna be homesteader does. And honestly, I am not sure where any of those life changing things would have fit in! (Yes, I started TWO sentences in this paragraph with conjunctions and used an exclamation mark, but I didn't say "so" or "um" to start them, and that is a step up from my usual verbal communication. Maybe that class should be a repeat of WR121, 122, or 123 instead of basket weaving?)

Just one more thing. The setting of goals. Isn't that something that is traditionally done about now? In all honesty, the longer I'm hanging around down here on the third rock from the sun, the more it seems to me that making it through with heart and soul intact is the only thing we can hope to accomplish. The body is temporary, which is rapidly becoming obvious, so staying true to our commitment to march forward in our Walk with God and true to our vows "til death do us part" are the only objectives that hold water. There are many underlying notions wrapped up in those two "greatest commandments" but every worthwhile pursuit can be boiled down into those.

Seems to me.

Ask me in 38 years.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Misc is Such an Over-Used Word

Outdoor living room metal firepit.
Someday soon the rains will move on to Spain,
and we, on the plain, will be able to PLAY!
(I'm definitely not a poet.)

Once upon a time, my paternal grandmother
(not the one we are caring for)
used this lovely crockery bowl for mixing bread
and feeding us potato salad. Then one sad day, my
Aunt and I while snooping through Grandma's
donation box and FOUND OUR HERITAGE stuffed in the bottom!
With many cries of disbelief, we rescued said bowl and after promising
the Matriarch not to use it for food service, I gained possession.
I do believe it's second incarnation is almost as
good as the first.

I finished a project! I finished a project! Dear CRD bought me this printed apron panel for Christmas and I finally finished it! Three months isn't completely ridiculous for a two hour project, is it? :(